Don't you judge by the cover, it's so far from what you see.

Acting out - Ashley Tisdale.

« Up above the surface, I was just a perfect child. But underneath it all I was craving to be wild. Let me out this cage, I'm not gonna hold back. Gonna break these chains, I'm taking control now, gonna give you something to talk about. It's another side of me, I'm acting out. Set me free, I'm ready to show you, this is what I need, it's time to get dirty, I'mma show you what i'm talking about. It's another side of me, I'm acting out. Life's too short just to do what you're told ; I'm acting out. »

FOR MY DEAR ENGLIGH READERS : I'm sorry but I haven't got enough time today to translate this post, because it's my birthday ! But anyway, you can check this google translation HERE. Sometimes the sentences haven't got any sense because of the bad translation of Google but you'd can understand the whole thing, pretty sure of that, lovelovelove ♥.

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Pants : Pimkie, tee-shirt : vintage, shoes : Jina Chaussures
bag : H&M, necklace, earrings & bracelets : Mim + my Mum's jewels.

Hebergeur d'imageHebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Love you all ♥.

It's gonna be a bumpy ride, I know we can work it out.

The Hoosiers - Bumpy ride.

The weather is really great currently, isn't it ? (joooooke). Seriously, that Summer is pretty weird, not in the good meaning. Well, I guess with have to do with that. But with those temperatures, I just want Autumn to be already here. I want to jump on the fallen leaves, drink some hot stuffs at Starbucks, watch nice movies on the couch with a comforter, wear big scarfs & boots. Yeaaaah, I know, it's really weird that I'm dreaming of this because I've never ever been attracted by the Winter season, except for Christmas. Let's say it : I  don't know what to wear during Winter. I'm the kind of person who's cold everytime & that's pretty boring because all I want to do is put dozen of sweaters on me & that's it (sexyyyyy) (joke bis). Well, I don't know why I am saying this because it has nothing to do with my outfit of the day (joke bis bis, because my "outfit" = dress + shoes + bag, yaaaay, amazing isn't it ?). Well, hmm, I guess I already said WELL didn't I ?

For this "outfit", you understood it, I'm simply wearing a dress that I really love because of the shape. The dress is vintage & does really have this little thing that makes me feel like I'm from the 40' or 50'. Hey, an improvised transition with what I was saying previously : I bet that this dress lenght will be THE lenght of this Fall/Winter season. Like, you know, let's say a little trip to the past, to the classic codes of those mysterious women who make us dream with their amazing classy style. (I am not the only one, am I ?). So, yeah, we can say that this outfit is like, a preview, a try for this Autumn ;'D.

P.S. : my room is changing quite a bit currently, as you can see n_n.

Dress & bag : vintage, shoes : André
belt : New Look, watch : Casio.

Love ♥.

'Cause I gotta have faith.

[1] My lunch at Coffee&Juice - my favourite place to have lunch or a break -.

Faith - George Michael.

[2] Claire's gift for my birthday.

[3] The different smoothies available at another place I enjoy in Narbonne where you can eat or just have a drink with your friends.

[4] I love macarons !

[5] Crepe with Nutella, yummy !

[6] Strawberries smoothie, so tasty.

[7] I bought a new bra at Soleil Sucré, during the sales, this shop is really great for underwears.

[8] The gift Bertille gave me for my 17. It is an amazing necklace from the Disney Store, I'm in love with it ♥.

[9, 10] Hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows, yummy !

[11, 12] Lately I made some waffles with cheese & ham.

[13] One of my little lovely plant.

[14] Strawberry ice-cream.

[15] One of my parent's gifts : an amazing watch from Casio.

[16] Candice & I, choosing some good music at Emeline's party.

[17] Just stop for a minute & smile !

[18] We played " truth or dare ", I choose dare & I had to dance alone on this song (clic) while all the guests were staring at me, epic moment ..... (I was wearing a black dress with a low back & my black heels, both from Miss Coquine).

[19] One of my favourite wine, Monbazillac.
[20] A dessert I made : poached pears & chocolate + rhum mousse under, with vanilla ice-cream & a chocolate topping, it was really good.

[21] My birthday cake. 

[22] ♥.

[23] The candles of my cake !