It's gonna be a bumpy ride, I know we can work it out.

The Hoosiers - Bumpy ride.

The weather is really great currently, isn't it ? (joooooke). Seriously, that Summer is pretty weird, not in the good meaning. Well, I guess with have to do with that. But with those temperatures, I just want Autumn to be already here. I want to jump on the fallen leaves, drink some hot stuffs at Starbucks, watch nice movies on the couch with a comforter, wear big scarfs & boots. Yeaaaah, I know, it's really weird that I'm dreaming of this because I've never ever been attracted by the Winter season, except for Christmas. Let's say it : I  don't know what to wear during Winter. I'm the kind of person who's cold everytime & that's pretty boring because all I want to do is put dozen of sweaters on me & that's it (sexyyyyy) (joke bis). Well, I don't know why I am saying this because it has nothing to do with my outfit of the day (joke bis bis, because my "outfit" = dress + shoes + bag, yaaaay, amazing isn't it ?). Well, hmm, I guess I already said WELL didn't I ?

For this "outfit", you understood it, I'm simply wearing a dress that I really love because of the shape. The dress is vintage & does really have this little thing that makes me feel like I'm from the 40' or 50'. Hey, an improvised transition with what I was saying previously : I bet that this dress lenght will be THE lenght of this Fall/Winter season. Like, you know, let's say a little trip to the past, to the classic codes of those mysterious women who make us dream with their amazing classy style. (I am not the only one, am I ?). So, yeah, we can say that this outfit is like, a preview, a try for this Autumn ;'D.

P.S. : my room is changing quite a bit currently, as you can see n_n.

Dress & bag : vintage, shoes : André
belt : New Look, watch : Casio.

Love ♥.

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