You could be a hero, you could join the fight for what's right.

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Hero - Superchic[k] ♥.

Il y a les gens doués, & il y a les autres.
Je fais définitivement partie des autres. 
Voilà, ça, c'est dit. 
A part ça, j'ai quelque chose de bien mieux à vous annoncez ! 
* Les roulements de tambours accélèrent, le suspens est au comble du comble, vous êtes tous suspendus à mes mots ..... *. 
( Comment ça, j'avais promis quelque chose de stupéfiant, moi ? ). 

There are smart people, & there are the others. 
I definitely belong to the others.
This is said. 
Apart from this, I have something way better to tell you ! 
* Drum roll, the suspens is at its height, ...... *.
( Did I promise something very interesting or anything like this ? Did I ? ). 

Donc, pour fêter les vacances, un petit article fourre-tout avec des photos n_n. 

So, to celebrate that, let's do a little article with some photos n_n.

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[ 1 ], [ 2 ] & [ 3 ] The H&M magazine, taken in Barcelona last weekend. Very inspiring.

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[ 4 ], [ 5 ] & [ 5 ] The french Glamour of March, also very inspiring for S/S season, lots of colorful outfits.

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[ 6 ] When I went to Barcelona last weekend, my class & I visited a maritime museum. At the end of the museum, there was an entire wall dedicated to messages that people could write, so my friends & I left messages & we read some. Then I saw this amazing message left by a little boy called Lorenzo & I couldn't help myself from taking his message w/ me because it's sooo beautiful & cute ♥.

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[ 7 ] Did I ever say here that I love my English teacher so so much ? That woman is amazing, I swear it. I love her learning methods & the lessons she gives are always very interesting. For the X-Mas holidays I did some muffins for her, & today, she gave me those awesome little cakes ( yummyyyyy ! ) ; I can't believe how much she's nice with students.

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[ 8 ] I've already shown you my Lauren Conrad's book called " Style ". It's a really cool book !

& Now, some inspiring photos !

Thank you so much for all, you're the best readers ! 
( I'm so glad because I have now 150 followers on Blogger ) ♥.


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