Every teardrop is a waterfall.

Every teardrop is a waterfall - Coldplay.

I do not really like myself with attached hair, I've already said that. But anyway, it is super convenient when the weather is hot, it's nice to have your face clear, & it changes the usual.
Today I post an outfit that I really like, mainly because of the Mango skirt wich is one of my favourite ever : the high waist that put in value, well, the waist, & hides the hips, the "ball" shape that gives a little volume but not too-much, the black colour that fits with everything, the convenient pockets, the fact that it is a little bit "shiny" which makes this skirt perfect for a party or just to put some "chic" to an everyday outfit. Well, I just love it, I think this is clear !
As a top I'm wearing a sort of bustier with braces. Pink, with lace, that I bought ages ago at New Yorker but that I've never worn yet. I think that this nude pink fits well with black, &, well, dunno, I like the association with the skirt & that's it, lol.
I'm also wearing my new shoes that you've seen on my last article. There are terrific : high but sooooo comfortable, it's amazing !
So that's it, I hope you'll like it n_n.

Skirt : Mango, top : New Yorker, shoes : Miss Coquine
necklace : Cache-Cache, earrings : Barcelona's market, watch : Gifi.

& Welcome to the new followers ♥.

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